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                                                                Honest and pragmatic, pioneering and innovative, win-win, caring for health

                                                                Ankang Zhengda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a real industrial manufacturing enterprise of the pharmaceutical industry under Tianyi Group. It has been 66 years since its establishment. The company is located in the south of the foot of the Qinling Mountains and the intersection of the Qinba Mountains. Here, the climate is humid, the sunshine is balanced, and the unique geographical environment is suitable for the growth of a variety of rare medicinal materials. It is known as the "hometown of medicine", of which Gynostemma pentaphyllum is a national geographical indication product.

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                                                                Quality strives for the market, service wins customers, innovation seeks development, and management brings benefits

                                                                Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular drugs
                                                                Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular drugs
                                                                Drugs for pediatrics
                                                                Chinese and Western medicine

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                                                                Strive to make Qinba Pharmaceutical bigger and stronger and make new contributions to regional economic development

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