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  • Strive for a New Journey and Write a New Chapter -- The commissioning ceremony of Ankang Zhengda New Factory was successfully held

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         On March 13, 2022, the new factory of Ankang Zhengda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was officially put into operation. Mr. Zhang Tao, Chairman of Shaanxi Tianyi Huamao Group, together with more than 100 management cadres from all departments and business divisions of the Group, attended the launch ceremony, where everyone gathered to witness this meaningful historical moment. The commissioning ceremony was held in the new factory!


         It took one year and nine months from the construction of Ankang Zhengda Pharmaceutical's new factory to its operation, and the production license was obtained on February 24, 2022. The new Ankang Zhengda Pharmaceutical Factory invested 420 million yuan, with a land area of 100 mu, a building area of 35000 square meters, and an output value of 1 billion yuan at the end of the year. The main construction includes: complex building, extraction workshop, preparation workshop, warehouse, sewage treatment station, staff canteen, engineering power and other supporting facilities. To build a modern and intelligent pharmaceutical enterprise integrating the production of oral Chinese patent medicine, chemical medicine and API. The history of manual feeding, manual packaging, manual light inspection and manual control of production in the extraction workshop has been changed. The three day production cycle of finished oral preparations is realized, and the production capacity can be improved to three hours; It realizes the standardized production of the whole process of intelligent control from feeding to API production in the extraction workshop.


        Mr. Zhang Tao, the chairman of the board of directors, announced that the new Ankang Zhengda Pharmaceutical Factory was officially launched. With the sound of gongs and drums and applause, the raw materials of Gynostemma pentaphyllum in the extraction workshop were formally put into production.



         With the continuous expansion of the pharmaceutical industry chain, Ankang Zhengda Pharmaceutical will promote industrial transformation, innovation and high-quality development by building a green and healthy industrial system, enabling it with science and technology, truly transform resource advantages into industrial advantages, economic advantages and development advantages, and promote the mission of implementing national strategies such as healthy China, rural revitalization and common prosperity, Ankang Zhengda is committed to becoming the largest comprehensive development and utilization of Gynostemma pentaphyllum resources and industry leader in China, creating a beautiful business card for Ankang's industrial development, and actively practicing social responsibility and industry serving the country.

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