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      Mayor Wang Hao and his delegation visited Ankang Zhengda Pharmaceutical New Factory for investigation and guidance

      Time:2022-09-13 11:14:54         Source:        
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          On May 20, 2022, Mayor Wang Hao came to Ankang Zhengda Pharmaceutical's new factory for investigation. Gao Jinghua, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Executive Vice Mayor, Luo Wuxia, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and secretary of the Party Working Committee of the High tech Zone, Ke Yufu, vice chairman of the CPPCC Municipal Committee and director of the High tech Zone Management Committee, and other leaders accompanied the survey. The person in charge of Ankang Zhengda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. received and introduced the whole process.


           Mayor Wang Hao inspected the office building and factory area of the newly completed pharmaceutical factory, visited the Gynostemma Science and Technology Exhibition Hall, and learned about the development history and future development plan of Ankang Zhengda Pharmaceutical Industry, as well as the production progress of Ankang Zhengda Pharmaceutical New Drug Factory.


           The person in charge of Ankang Zhengda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. sincerely welcomed Mayor Wang Hao and other leaders to visit and guide the work, and made a detailed report on the development of the pharmaceutical factory in recent years, the construction of new plant projects, industrial planning, etc.


           Mayor Wang Hao affirmed the work of Ankang Zhengda Pharmaceutical in recent years, especially pointing out that the layout of Ankang Zhengda Pharmaceutical in the pharmaceutical industry chain fully conforms to national policies and the development law of modern medicine; Emphasize that we should use the idea of enabling science and technology to build genuine medicinal materials base with high standards to ensure the authenticity of medicinal materials; Establish a sound quality management system, comprehensively control the quality of drugs, provide safe and reliable medical products for consumers, and help enterprises develop with high quality through standardized system management. It is hoped that Ankang Zhengda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. will accelerate its development and make greater contributions to Ankang's regional development!

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