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      Quality And R & D

               Shaanxi Cuiyuankang Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a planting base specially set up for Ankang Zhengda Pharmaceutical in Ankang. It is an integrated agricultural science and technology company specializing in the selection of authentic Chinese medicinal materials, seed breeding, scientific research planting and demonstration, medicinal materials processing and trade, comprehensive development and utilization of resources, development and production of health products, etc. In order to actively respond to the development requirements of the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine, the construction of drug source bases mainly for medicinal Gynostemma pentaphyllum is currently carried out in Pingli, Zhenping, Hanbin and other places in Ankang City, Shaanxi Province. According to the company's development plan, in the future, with Ankang as the core, a scientific research demonstration base of 3000 mu will be built in Qinling Bashan Mountains, a planting base of 20000 mu will be promoted, and a simulated wild planting area of 30000 mu will be planted under the forest.

      In terms of base scientific research

               At present, the Company has signed a Technical Service Contract with the Institute of Medicinal Plants of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and has engaged the researcher and doctoral supervisor of the Institute, Professor Guo Baolin, and a working team to carry out the variety selection and planting technology research of Gynostemma pentaphyllum. At the same time, Ankang Zhengda Beijing Institute of Technology and Shaanxi Institute for Food and Drug Inspection are responsible for providing content detection and technical evaluation. The scientific research and construction of the base will introduce advanced quality detection technology, plant molecular biology technology and agricultural production technology at home and abroad, and apply them to the directional accumulation of effective components of Gynostemma pentaphyllum and variety cultivation, so as to achieve the production and quality control of high-level raw materials for medicinal materials, and finally obtain technical achievements such as excellent varieties and planting standards.

      Planting and management of the base

                We should unify varieties, planting technologies and standards, and manage them in a unified way. We should adopt the order planting and minimum purchase mode of "enterprise+base+government+cooperatives/large growers" to carry out large-scale planting. Relying on the self-development of Ankang Zhengda Pharmaceutical, we should fundamentally solve the market export problem of herbal medicine planting, effectively reduce farmers' planting risks, and form a large-scale, standardized and order based production mode of herbal medicine planting, Drive farmers' employment and farmers' income, form sustainable development and promote the vigorous implementation of the national rural revitalization strategy.

      In terms of comprehensive development and utilization of resources

             At present, focusing on genuine medicinal materials such as Gynostemma pentaphyllum, Pueraria lobata, Coptis chinensis, Paris polyphylla and Scrophulariae, while strengthening the construction of drug source bases, we should fully tap and utilize the advantages of biological diversity and green ecological resources in Ankang, which is located in the Qinling Bashan Mountains, and gradually carry out the development of health products, functional food and daily chemicals and other big health products, so as to form a linkage and efficient operation of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries.

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